Phinney Ridge

Phinney Ridge

Quiet residential streets lined with beautiful craftsmen homes just a short walk away from dozens of amazing restaurants, bars and shops make this neighborhood a Seattle gem.


Phinney Ridge hugs the top of the hill between Green Lake and Ballard.  The top of the hill is lined with phenomenal bars, shops and restaurants.  Some local favorites are Redmill Burger, Ken’s Market, The Ridge Pizza, Herkimer Coffee, and El Chupacabra.


The topography of this neighborhood lends itself well to beautiful views.  On the east slope of Phinney Ridge many homes enjoy views of Green Lake and the Cascade Mountains.  On the west slope many properties have amazing views of the Ballard Neighborhood, Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.


Phinney ridge has a very fun neighborhood vibe with annual events like the Greenwood Car Show, The Greenwood Parade as well as frequent art walks and more.  Also, when it snows Phinney Ridge becomes a sledding paradise for kids and adults alike.


Purchasing a home in Phinney Ridge is a solid investment in a very highly desirable neighborhood.  The only problem is, once you’re here, you’ll never want to leave.